Canvas flag with a bull skull and text that reads "Stierenhuis. Rugged Menswear. Pella, Iowa."

Stierenhuis, meaning "Bull House" in Dutch, is a rugged menswear store situated in the heart of Pella, Iowa's historic downtown. Travelers from all walks of life come to know Pella not only for its tulips and Dutch traditions, but for its rich farmland, storied manufacturing, and permanent place in history as the childhood home of the legendary American hero, Wyatt Earp. Our inventory is an ode to Pella’s bold and stouthearted roots, consisting of roughhewn yet polished attire, with a mix of traditional, classic, and local brands.   

A few brands you'll find in the shop:
Visit Us:
Monday 10AM-4PM
Thursday 11AM-6PM
Friday + Saturday 10AM-5PM:
727 Main Street
Pella, IA 50219

Photo of the shop dog and a Templeton Rye barrel with Bradley Mountain playing cards on top.